Sunday, June 20, 2021
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Another bad week for the oil industry with another rig explosion – a clear case for stronger regulation of the off shore oil industry in US not to be confused with over regulation in day to day life.

As this week closes the US offshore oil industry rolls into yet another week of bad publicity after an explosion on a rig leaves 13 people stranded in the Gulf of Mexico fortunately the well was out of commission at the time so avoided a spill and this time all involved survived by putting into practice evacuation drills that will have been rehearsed time and time again, essential to all who work in high risk industries

As I read the article, as well as heaving a sigh of relief for the survivors and absence of environmental disaster, I wonder what the future has in store for off shore drilling, one thing for sure is it’ll become more highly regulated as the findings from investigations are transformed into legal requirements.

In this case, it the legal intervention is essential to prevent hazardous cutting of corners but at the same time wonder whether businesses in general will become increasingly tied up with regulations.

I believe that businesses need to be held responsible, that guidelines must be set and adherence monitored to protect both people and the environment but can’t help but be concerned that small businesses could be deterred from fear of falling foul of multiple layers of red tape and regulation.

Legal requirements do not have to be as terrifying as they can at first appear, there is a huge amount of guidance available on the implementation of common sense guidelines from both the Health & Safety Executive and the Environment Agency and serve to act as much as protection for businesses as for their workforce, the environment and stakeholders.

All recognised management standards have at their core a requirement that businesses know what regulations apply to them and have means by which to monitor compliance, these requirements are to encourage businesses to become proactive in managing risks by preventing non-compliance and subsequent incidents as are being suffered by the US off shore oil industry these last few months