Sunday, June 20, 2021
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Why Use A Consultant

Why use a consultant?

Once you have decided that you would like to implement a certified management system, you have another decision to make, who should carry out this work?  You might have several people internally who are capable of carrying out the project however this approach can bring its own challenges such as:

•    Knowledge
•    Experience
•    Training costs
•    Time.  

Ebdon Management Systems can support your success with your project in the following ways:

Expert Knowledge
Ebdon Management Systems will provide you with expert knowledge of how your management systems can work best for you, bringing over 15 years business experience gained in human resource management and management systems in a wide variety of industries.  

Ebdon Management Systems has experience of management systems implementation in rapidly changing organisations and understands the hurdles to your success likely to be encountered

Independent & Objective
Ebdon Management Systems offers years of experience in management systems and operates outside your normal day to day activities, it can bring a fresh point of view.  

You can be confident that the tasks required are being carried out as you wish requiring minimal supervision that internal employees may require.

To prove our commitment to your satisfaction, Ebdon Management Systems operates under a policy that after a deposit has been paid, further payment is not required until a project has been successfully completed.

Dedicated, Flexible time
Ebdon Management Systems will manage timescales and projects around your business requirements offering a dedicated and flexible service.

No long term commitment
Since Ebdon Management Systems will be working with you on a project by project basis, there is no long term financial commitment beyond the level of engagement you require.

Cost Effective
When working with a new business or standard, Ebdon Management Systems will provide an assessment check list and carry out an organisation needs analysis to gauge the level of additional work needed, if your business operations are already close to meeting the requirements of your desired certificate, costs will be calculated accordingly, you only pay for what you use.